arari-iruka means "Pantropical Spotted Dolphin" in English.

arari-iruka written with kanji is 安良里海豚.
These are jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in junior high, chuugakkou 中学校.
arari-iruka written with katakana is アラリイルカ.
arari-iruka written with hiragana is あらりいるか.
Romaji a ra ri i ru ka
Kanji 安良里 海豚
Meaning Arari Dolphin
School Level 小3, 小4, 小2 小2,

Orthography Notes

  • iruka is a jukujikun 熟字訓 reading for 海豚 in this word. That is: those kanji are only read that way when they come together like that.


  • Arari is the name of a village in Nishiizu.

Further Reading

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