jinbeezame means "Whale Shark" in English.

jinbeezame is normally written with katakana, as ジンベエザメ.
jinbeezame written with hiragana is じんべえざめ.
jinbeezame written with kanji is 甚兵衛鮫.
This word contains non-jouyou kanji 常用漢字.
Romaji ji n be e za me
Meaning Jinbei Shark
School Level 小4 小5

Orthography Notes

  • same さめ becomes zame ざめ in this word because of a change in pronunciation called rendaku.
  • jinbee is a gikun 義訓 reading for 甚兵衛 in this word.


  • jinbee 甚兵衛, or jinbei, is a kind of traditional informal Japanese summer clothes. The Whale Shark is named after them because the pattern of its ridges is similar to the pattern found in jinbee.[1]


jinbeizame ジンベイザメ.
Scientific name: Rhincodon typus.

Further Reading

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