The Japanese word for "Monster Raccoon Dog" is bakedanuki 化け狸.

  • "Monster"?
    A bakedanuki 化け狸 is a folkloric "Raccoon Dog," tanuki タヌキ, that is a "monster," youkai 妖怪, and that can "transform," bakeru 化ける, into people and things.
  • Tanuki Leaf
    The bakedanuki are sometimes portrayed with a tree leaf on top of their heads, which may be related to their shapeshifting abilities. By the way, "leaf" in Japanese is happa 葉っぱ, a "tree leaf" is konoha 木の葉, and "to place on" is noseru 乗せる.
  • According to the legends, the spirit tanuki are better skilled at transforming than the spirit "Foxes"," kitsune. Furthermore, the tanuki transforms to prank Humans, while the kitsune transforms to tempt humans.
Romaji ba ke da nu ki
Meaning Monster Raccoon Dog
School Level 小3


  • Starting with Super Mario Bros. 3, picking up the "Super Tree Leaf" item, suupaa konoha スーパーこのは, turns you into a tanuki.[1]
  • Futatsuiwa Mamizou 二ッ岩 マミゾウ of the Touhou 東方 series is a bakedanuki.[2]

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