nihon-momonga means "Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel" in English.

nihon-momonga is normally written with katakana, as ニホンモモンガ.
nihon-momonga written with hiragana is にほんももんが.
nihon-momonga written with kanji is 日本鼯鼠.
This word contains non-jouyou kanji 常用漢字.
Romaji ni ho n mo mo n ga
Kanji 鼯鼠
Meaning Japan Flying Squirrel
School Level 小1 小1 ,

nihon-momonga may also be written as 日本摸摸具和.

Orthography Notes

  • momonga is a jukujikun 熟字訓 reading for 鼯鼠 in this word. That is: those kanji are only read that way when they come together like that.


Scientific name: Pteromys momonga.