jooubachi means "Queen Bee" in English.

jooubachi written with kanji is 女王蜂.
These are jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in junior high, chuugakkou 中学校.
jooubachi written with katakana is ジョオウバチ.
jooubachi written with hiragana is じょおうばち.
Romaji jo o u ba chi
Meaning Woman King Bee
School Level 小1 小1

Orthography Notes

  • じょ is a compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.
  • hachi はち becomes bachi ばち in this word because of a change in pronunciation called rendaku.


  • A queen bee can lay over a thousand eggs per day. More than her own weight every day.[1]

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