suzumebachi means "Hornet", "Yellowjacket" or "Wasp" in English.

  • Vespinae vs. Wasp
    suzumebachi 雀蜂 refers to the subfamily Vespinae. All Vespinae are Wasps, so you can always translate suzumebachi スズメバチ to "Wasp," but some Wasps aren't Vespinae, so you can't always translate "Wasp" to suzumebachi スズメバチ.
suzumebachi written with kanji is 雀蜂.
This word contains non-jouyou kanji 常用漢字.
suzumebachi written with katakana is スズメバチ.
suzumebachi written with hiragana is すずめばち.
Romaji su zu me ba chi
Meaning Sparrow Bee
School Level

suzumebachi may also be written as 胡蜂.

Orthography Notes

  • hachi はち becomes bachi ばち in this word because of a change in pronunciation called rendaku.


  • Beware of this kind of bee.

Further Reading

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