shiro-gitsune means "White Fox" in English.

shiro-gitsune written with kanji is 白狐.
This word contains non-jouyou kanji 常用漢字.
shiro-gitsune written with katakana is シロギツネ.
shiro-gitsune written with hiragana is しろぎつね.
Romaji shi ro gi tsu ne
Meaning White Fox
School Level 小1

Orthography Notes

  • kitsune きつね becomes gitsune ぎつね in this word because of a change in pronunciation called rendaku.


  • Normally, this word refers to the arctic fox, which is a white fox.
  • The messengers of the Inari Ookami 稲荷大神, "Great God Inari", the deity of foxes, among other things, are white fox spirits.

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