kumo means "Spider" in English.
Sometimes kumo doesn't mean the animal, see homonyms.

kumo is normally written with katakana, as クモ.
kumo written with hiragana is くも.
kumo written with kanji is 蜘蛛.
This word contains non-jouyou kanji 常用漢字.
Romaji ku mo
Kanji 蜘蛛
School Level ,

Orthography Notes

  • kumo is a jukujikun 熟字訓 reading for 蜘蛛 in this word. That is: those kanji are only read that way when they come together like that.

Homonyms & Similar Words

  • kumo means "cloud."

Further Reading

Wikipedia: クモ (Spider)
komorigumo 子守蜘蛛.