ka means "Mosquito" in English.
Sometimes ka doesn't mean the animal, see homonyms.

ka written with kanji is .
This is a jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in junior high, chuugakkou 中学校.
Romaji ka
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Homonyms & Similar Words

  • ka is a grammar particle used to add doubt to phrases and make questions in Japanese.
  • ka is a suffix meaning -ition or -ation, that is, transforming something into something else. sanka 酸化 means "oxidation."
  • ka is a suffix meaning -ist, that is, someone who is related to a certain doctrine. mangaka 漫画家 is a person who draws manga.
  • The name of this animal is literally a single syllable. It can mean a lot of other stuff too.
  • chikara , "power," is written with a kanji that looks like the katakana ka , but is a completely different thing.


  • ga means "Moth" in Japanese.

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