chikugyuu means "Cattle" in English.

  • In English, "Cattle" is technically a gender-neutral term for "Cow," so it may refer to male Cows too. Sometimes Cattle means "Livestock" instead. In Japanese, Livestock is kachiku 家畜, Livestock Cattle is chikugyuu 畜牛, and the common gender-neutral term for Cows in general is ushi .
chikugyuu written with kanji is 畜牛.
These are jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in junior high, chuugakkou 中学校.
chikugyuu written with katakana is チクギュウ.
chikugyuu written with hiragana is ちくぎゅう.
Romaji chi ku gyu u
Meaning Livestock Cow
School Level 小2

Orthography Notes

  • ぎゅ is a compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.

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