kyoseigyuu means "Steer" in English.

  • Ox vs. Bullock vs. Steer
    A male Cow, Cattle, that has not been castrated is called a Bull. A castrated male cattle is called a Steer. An older Steer is called a Bullock, but in North America a Bullock is a young Bull. An Ox is Cattle kept for draft or riding. Oxen are often Steers. A Steer is called kyoseigyuu 去勢牛 in Japanese. If the Ox isn't a Steer, then he's called the same as a Bull in Japanese, oushi 牡牛.[1][2]
kyoseigyuu written with kanji is 去勢牛.
These are jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in the fifth year of shougakkou 小学校.
kyoseigyuu written with katakana is キョセイギュウ.
kyoseigyuu written with hiragana is きょせいぎゅう.
Romaji kyo se i gyu u
Meaning Castration Cow
School Level 小3 小5 小2

Orthography Notes

  • きょ and ぎゅ are compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.

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