hōnetto means "Hornet" in English.
It's a katakanization, a loan-word.

  • Vespinae vs. Wasp
    suzumebachi 雀蜂 refers to the subfamily Vespinae. All Vespinae are Wasps, so you can always translate suzumebachi スズメバチ to "Wasp," but some Wasps aren't Vespinae, so you can't always translate "Wasp" to suzumebachi スズメバチ.
hōnetto is normally written with katakana, as ホーネット.
hōnetto written with hiragana is ほーねっと.
hōnetto does not have kanji.
Romaji hoo ne tto

Orthography Notes

Further Reading

Wikipedia: スズメバチ (Vespinae)
oo-suzumebachi 大雀蜂.