konchuu means "Insect" in English.

  • An Insect is an animal that belongs to the class Insecta. A Bug is generally a small insect, but may also refer to some animals that aren't insects, like Spiders and Worms. In Japanese, it's more common to use the word mushi that means "Bug" than to use konchuu 昆虫 that means "Insect."
konchuu written with kanji is 昆虫.
These are jouyou kanji 常用漢字, taught in junior high, chuugakkou 中学校.
konchuu written with katakana is コンチュウ.
konchuu written with hiragana is こんちゅう.
Romaji ko n chu u
Meaning Insect Bug
School Level 小1

Orthography Notes

  • ちゅ is a compound kana representing a single syllable with multiple characters.


  • To call someone an "Insect" in Japanese, in the insulting way, the word used is mushi .


Scientific name: Insecta.

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