The Japanese word for "Ox" is kyoseigyuu 去勢牛.

  • Ox vs. Bullock vs. Steer
    A male Cow, Cattle, that has not been castrated is called a Bull. A castrated male cattle is called a Steer. An older Steer is called a Bullock, but in North America a Bullock is a young Bull. An Ox is Cattle kept for draft or riding. Oxen are often Steers. A Steer is called kyoseigyuu 去勢牛 in Japanese. If the Ox isn't a Steer, then he's called the same as a Bull in Japanese, oushi 牡牛.[1][2]
Romaji kyo se i gyu u
Meaning Castration Cow
School Level 小3 小5 小2


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